Hot Tubs

Got a Hot Tub or thinking of buying one? Rushden Pool Care (now known as Blue Cube Pools) are here to help with all your hot tub, swimspa and spa needs. Providing well priced servicing and maintenance and a great range of hot tubs to buy, we are your go to Hot Tub Company in Northamptonshire.

Hot Tubs

Thinking about getting a hot tub? Not sure what to get? There are thousands of hot tubs available and they all offer different benefits. Firstly ask yourself what you main aim is, to relax? medical treatment? socialising or family time? Once you know why you want a hot tub it is easier to decide which one to get. If the hot tub is for relaxation you may want to consider one with added speakers so you can unwind and listen to your favourite music, for medical reasons you should find ones with real hydrotherapy and not just air jets as the hydrotherapy offers a much better and deeper massage experience and one with a lounger for a full body massage. With a large family size is going to be your main consideration, there are some great larger hot tubs on the market that do not cost the earth, they less expensive hot tubs will often have less jets as this requires a smaller pump. You may be considering buying a cheap hot tub however before doing so make sure you read the reviews and do your research. We are often approached by people who have bought cheaper hot tubs however you get what you pay for and they do not always last well and often the parts are not easy to source. Click here to learn more about cheap hot tubs. Hot Tub Servicing Northampton


Swimspas come in many different shapes and styles and once again it is best to think about your main reason for purchasing one. Do yo predominantly want one to train and exercise? Are you buying one instead of a small pool? Do you want hot tub features as well? Our swimspas are made by Catalina which are leaders in the swimspa industry offering unsurpassed quality and experienced design. A swimspa contains variable swimjets which will provide you with an excellent place to swim long distances without needing to turn. The variable settings means they can be adjusted to suit a swimmers level making them the perfect addition for any athletic family. They also offer outstanding massage options and can be heated to create a wonderful area to relax and unwind. Some swimspas also offer a separate hot tub end which divides the swimming and hot tub area meaning you could be relaxing and unwinding whilst your partner swims. A swimspa costs around the same as a small pool but with the added benefit of massage features, lights and easy installation.

Tiled Spas

Tiled spa installer NorthamptonOffering both commercial and domestic tiled spas to compliment your leisure centre or personal pool. Create an inviting and luxurious place to relax with a bespoke tiled spa finished to an extremely high standard with wonderful options to make your spa as unique as you. Modern or traditional, square or round, the possibilities are endless, we will design and install a place for your to unwind after a long day, relax after a hard swim or socialise with friends.

Servicing Starts from £64.80 for a 30 minute visit.

From time to time problems happen and if they do we can get you back in your hot tub or spa quickly and efficiently. However one way to prevent these unexpected annoyances  is to regularly maintain your hot tub. We offer service packages including pre-planned preventative maintenance plans to keep your facility or personal spa in perfect working condition. Our technicians have a fully stocked van and carry all major parts so more often than not we will sort the problem on the day.

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