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By Blue Cube on Wednesday, 23rd Jan 2019 in News.
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Rushden Pool Care is run by Blue Cube Pools an Award winning swimming pool company in Northampton. At the 2018 UK Pool and Spa Awards we won 1 Gold award and 2 Silver awards. Our engineer Arron won engineer of the year dude to his diligent work and excellent customer care. We also won silver for our energy efficient pool which was complete in the summer of 2018.

This award winning pool was a custom design for a retired couple who wanted a pool to exercise and relax but one which would suit their lifestyle as they got older; they also wanted a pool which would be energy efficient and therefore economical to run. We used a thermally efficient poly blocks to build the shell and then used a thick durable proflex extreme onsite liner. Using a heat pump with a c.o.p of up to 13 is great way to save money and enjoy a beautifully warm pool.

We installed a Bayrol dosing system to eliminate the need for continuous manual dosing, Bayrol offer numerous systems and they automatically test your pool and doses accordingly. With the addition of a UV system their water quality is optimum and beautifully crystal clear. One way to save money with pool maintenance is to invest in a thermal cover, we installed a disappearing leading edge safety cover which not only offers your loved ones security, it is aesthetically pleasing and it is also great for reducing heat loss and chemical, water evaporation.

In order to make this pool continually accessible we installed some gentle gradient corner steps, this meant our customer could use the sides of the pool to help enter and leave the pool. Our customers absolutely loved their new pool and we are so pleased to have won an award for it. Contact our award winning swimming pool company, let us design and install your perfect pool.


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